my story

I take great joy in bringing down language barriers by translating written materials from English to Spanish.  As a child, it was very uncommon in my community to have access to books in English.  I still remember the fascination I experienced when I read a nursery rhyme called  “Billy the Goat” and wrote it in Spanish.  Yes, my first translation indeed! Now, I still feel the same fascination, if not stronger. Sometimes, in this field, it is easy to meet people who charge low fees for a job done in haste with no training in Translation. That can put your document and what you intend to do with it at jeopardy.  I offer Professional Translation services with up-to-date technology, including the SDL Trados tool.  I became a Certified Translator by ATIO in 2008; however, my career took a different direction in 2011. Now, I am in the process of obtaining my Certification again and my status is as an Applicant for Certification. Rest assure that whether I am in charge of the whole Translation Project, or the translation of your document only or the revision of the translation of your document, I adhere to the Translator’s Code of Ethics which includes accuracy, impartiality and confidentiality. So, whenever you use that translation, you can be sure that it is to communicate the content of the original.


First, make sure the content and format of your document is correct. Then you can either e-mail it, send me a copy by regular mail or give it to me in person.  A text analysis that includes complexity of content, terminology and style will be done and I will get back to you with details for your project: confirmation of specifications (i.e. format), supporting documents if applicable (i.e. glossaries, translation memories, related texts), date of delivery and fees.  My fees are based on the type of text, length, date of delivery, format and any other relevant specifications.  

Once an agreement on the specifications has been reached, I proceed to translate your document.  As part of the process and time permitting, various revisions of the translation are provided by spacing the translation and revision processes.

The finalized translation is sent to you, along with the specifications that were used.  Payment is received and a receipt is provided when necessary. Rest assure that it is of utter importance for Everything Spanish to make sure that the translation has exceeded your expectations.