Maria helped me bring my Spanish to a whole new level

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Maria.  First, I just want to say that I feel incredibly lucky to have her as my Teacher and friend.  I have been studying Spanish for a couple of years and had different Spanish Teachers that were good.  I tried several Spanish Apps and different methods of learning, I even tried a Spanish school, but no one or no method could come close to how great Maria is. One year ago, I felt like my Spanish had plateaued and I could not improve any more.  But then, I came across Maria.  I started studying with her and she helped me bring my Spanish to a whole new level.  She truly is a gifted Teacher.  She is very patient, caring, kind, motivated and very dedicated to help you improve your Spanish.  I also love how she not only teaches the Spanish language,, but also the Mexican culture, which is so interesting and helpful in my learning. Maria teaches in a way that makes learning fun and enjoyable, and never makes you feel embarrassed when you make mistakes.  We have even made delicious Mexican dishes together. I am so grateful to have met Maria.  She truly is the best and I look forward to spending more time of continued success with her.  I highly recommend her if you want to become successful in your Spanish language journey.


Muchas gracias, María. Tú eres mi maestra favorita de español.

Spanish is a beautiful language and it is a beautiful culture.  Since joining to Maria's class, I have an even stronger desire to learn the whole language so one day I can speak Spanish fluently.  Maria is such a fun Teacher.  She is full of life and has a strong passion that drives you to want to put all your effort into the studies!  I hope to join her class again after my wedding.  ¡Muchas gracias María.  Tú eres mi maestra favorita de español!

Tina B.

Maria has made learning a new language a great experience!

Maria is a wonderful Teacher who has made learning a new language a great experience so far.  We are learning Spanish as a couple and find that her approach to teaching has been very well balanced; ensuring that we are both progressing individually, identifying the moments where a slower pace is required, and finding the appropriate times to challenge us to foster growth.  She is personable and takes the time to get to know us, our interests, and goals in order to customize the perfect program.  She makes classes fun and introduces games and activities to practice our skills.  We are very happy with our experience and look forward to progressing further with Maria as our Spanish Teacher.  Muchas gracias por todo.

Kevron and Natasha

Maria will brighten up your day and make you learn Spanish at the same time!

My experience with Maria as my Spanish teacher has been very pleasant. Maria has treated me like a part of her family by always being kind and welcoming towards me. During my first class I remember being afraid of failing and Maria being disappointed in me, but Maria was patient with me and always helped me out when I didn’t understand something. She always encouraged me to ask questions and to always ask for help when needed. She is the kind of person that would make the work very fun and enjoyable for you. I recommend this wonderful warm hearted teacher to anybody that would like to learn Spanish.


Maria made the language learning an authentic process!

Maria was my Spanish Teacher.  We met at my place once a week for an hour and a half for about two years.  I found the fact that she came to me very convenient.  As a Teacher, Maria was excellent.  Always prepared, always trying to make a lesson interesting for me, and always understanding.  She taught not only the language, but also the culture by organizing cultural events with a language component and potluck lunches, just to give a couple of examples.  I highly recommend her.

Magda K.

My confidence in speaking Spanish has increased tremendously!

I started lessons in the Fall 2020.  My goal was to improve my basic conversational skills so that I could better communicate with my Spanish speaking in-laws. As I'm a working parent with a busy schedule, I wanted targeted lessons that could help me reach my goals sooner. Maria created customized lesson plans which really helped me focus on areas I needed the most improvement in.  She is a very patient and detailed Teacher, while making lessons fun and engaging!  She is excellent at creating lessons which you can incorporate right away into your daily routine! Highly recommend for those who want to learn Spanish in a fun and engaging way!

Dionne S.

Maria has been a dream come true!

Honestly, I cannot imagine anyone being better at this job!  I'm 50 and it has been a lifetime dream of mine to become fluent in Spanish.  She spends time learning what interests you and includes it in the lessons.  She also ensures there is a lot of fun with games and interesting activities.  Maria is conscientious and always punctual and I would (and have) recommended her to everyone who wishes a kind, professional and effective Teacher.