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ABOUT everything spanish

everything spanish


To establish Everything Spanish as a high quality, service provider of the Spanish language in order to help English and Spanish speakers achieve their goals.


To break linguistic barriers in order to have access to knowledge that will nurture your spirit: by getting to know people from other cultures, you are getting to know more about yours and yourself.

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About Me

Hola.  Me llamo Maria.  I am an Instructor of Spanish and a Translator from English to Spanish.  I am originally from Mexico City and immigrated to Canada in 2003.  I live in the Town of Orangeville, Ontario.

In my family, I am third generation in business.  My grandfather on my mother’s side was a coffee grower in one of the most Southern towns in Chiapas.  Yes, my childhood memories include a cup of really fresh black coffee for breakfast and dinner – no milk or sugar.  My beloved mother is a Seamstress, self-employed most of her life and who is still running her business at 75 years of age.  Certainly, she is a wealth of experience.  Consequently, having my own business is ingrained in my heart.  After a long search and wait in my life, this is the time to make a contribution to society through my skills.  My background is humble as well as my position in life.

How did I acquire those skills? I have a BA in English Literature with studies of Advanced Spanish Grammar from UNAM, Mexico City and an English to Spanish Translation Certificate with further studies of Spanish Grammar and Discourse from York University, Toronto. I am a curious learner, always surprised at new findings.  For that reason, I have taken various training courses on language acquisition and learning as well as teaching  techniques and strategies.

Welcome to my website! Rest assure that my goal is that my services, whichever you may need, will surpass your expectations. Just like my mother learned from my grandfather, and I have learned from her.