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Maria helped me bring my Spanish to a whole new level

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Maria.  First, I just want to say that I feel incredibly lucky to have her as my Teacher and friend.  I have been studying Spanish for a couple of years and had different Spanish Teachers that were good.  I tried several Spanish Apps and different methods of learning, I even tried a Spanish school, but no one or no method could come close to how great Maria is.

One year ago, I felt like my Spanish had plateaued and I could not improve any more.  But then, I came across Maria.  I started studying with her and she helped me bring my Spanish to a whole new level.  She truly is a gifted Teacher.  She is very patient, caring, kind, motivated and very dedicated to help you improve your Spanish.  I also love how she not only teaches the Spanish language,, but also the Mexican culture, which is so interesting and helpful in my learning.

Maria teaches in a way that makes learning fun and enjoyable, and never makes you feel embarrassed when you make mistakes.  We have even made delicious Mexican dishes together.

I am so grateful to have met Maria.  She truly is the best and I look forward to spending more time of continued success with her.  I highly recommend her if you want to become successful in your Spanish language journey.