my story

I decided to start offering editing and proofreading services by accident.  It was through my services as a Teacher and as a Translator that I began getting requests of this nature.

As an experienced reader in English and Spanish, I am aware, on one hand, of what it is to have a text well written in each language, and, on the other hand, the influence that one language can have on the other when writing a document. In other words, I can detect those mistakes of language use and usage that an English speaking writer can make when writing in Spanish and vice versa. Also, I can be that extra pair of eyes that ensures that the text produced by a Spanish speaking person living in a country where the dominant language is English is well written in Spanish.

My services offer editing and proofreading of documents written in Spanish and of documents written in English by academics in the field of Teaching Languages.


My job when editing and proofreading is to make sure that you wrote exactly what you meant.  My main goal is that your document will reflect effective writing skills and produce the desired impression on your reader. What do I check when editing and proofreading?
  • Structure:  Punctuation, spelling, grammar, use and usage of words
  • Logic:  Organization, sequence and progress of ideas
  • Style: concise and precise choice of words, pleasant sound, rhythm and variety of words, discernible voice, tone or point of view
  • Presentation of document: bullets, footnotes, titles and subtitles, font, etc.

It is important to clarify that as an Editor, I do not touch the content of the document, only the structure.  I may make suggestions in terms of the organization of the ideas or the lack of supportive ideas, for instance, but do not add or eliminate any information.  That is the author’s job.

The steps I follow when editing and proofreading are: